The weight of the dried okra reached 200 TL.

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Dried okra, which is preferred for its high fiber ratio and nutritional values, reached 200 TL per kilo. Stating that it is necessary to collect almost a thousand okra for 1 kilo of okra, Baharatçı Adil Güler stated that the price of okra is high because it is difficult to dry and collect.

Stating that 100 grams of okra can be enough for a family of 4, Spiceçı Adil Güler said: “When we say okra 200 TL, people think it is a lot, but it is not. Because nobody buys 1 kilogram of okra for their 100 grams of okra is enough for a normal family of 4. TL makes 20. With TL 20, 4 people cannot eat anything today.

Citizens ask how many pounds of okra. When they say 200 TL, they react as too expensive. I was selling okra for 200 TL even 4-5 years ago.


The flower okra is a particularly laborious product, you will pick it up in the morning. A certain amount is dried or tied before drying. Once arranged, it is taken on the dried flower.

If the flower you picked is 10 grams, 2 grams remain when you dry it. In other words, it is a difficult and laborious product and you have to thread a thousand okra to create 1 kilo. This requires a certain amount of work. Some of our citizens plant it in their gardens and bring it to us for sale. We sell these products as second-class. Because it is not an easy task to plant it in the garden and produce okra.


Since there is no problem in okra production, we do not expect an increase. Okra is a very useful vegetable that can be easily consumed. It is very good for the immune system, it is very good for the digestive system, a very good vegetable for diabetes and the liver. “It is a food that I can recommend to everyone, and I especially like it.”



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