The VI Ordinary General Assembly of the IAB was held

Following the presentation of the annual report and the internal audit report at the General Assembly meeting, the board of directors, audit and discipline was elected and will be appointed in the new mandate.

Ayşen Akalın was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors at the first meeting of the Board of Directors of the new term which was held after the General Assembly meeting.

Speaking at the General Assembly, IAB 2021-2022 President Ayşen Akalın said: “This year, when we celebrate the IAB’s 10th anniversary, I assumed the banner of a strong team. The healthy and sustainable growth of the digital advertising ecosystem in the new stage with the same responsibility and enthusiasm
We will see it as our main objective, ”he said.

Ayşen Akalın, who said “Our core themes in IAB’s 10th year are brand security, brand fraud, the effect of advertising on the economy and the direct brand economy,” recently IAB (Interactive Advertising Association ), RVD (Advertisers Association), RD (Advertisers Association) and MMA (Mentioning the Digital Marketing Communication Platform which they established as four industry associations together with the Mobile Marketing Association), IAB, which plays an important role on DPİP, he stated that there will be more brand security and brand fraud issues. be on the agenda, and that they will work for the responsible and safe development of digital advertising.

Akalın said that the value chain revealed by the Investigation on the effects of digital advertising on the economy in 2017 will be shared with the sector working together with four associations this year in the area of ​​”The impact of advertising on the economy” . He mentioned that it is a reality and that they are in research and study plans on this subject.

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