The valuation of Next Insurance, which received an investment of 250 million dollars, reached 4 billion dollars

Insurtech focuses on SMEs Next insurance, FinTLV Ventures and Battery companies on the investment tour under the leadership of $ 250 million Investment received. CapitalG, Group 11, Zeev Ventures, Founders Circle and G squaredAssessment of the Next Insurance after the tour Doubled to $ 4 billion. It should be noted that the company has received so far 880 million dollars of investment.

With this investment, the founder and managing partner of FinTLV Ventures, Gil Arazive, and the general partner of Battery Ventures, Michael Brown, join the board of directors of Next Insurance. Guy Goldstein, Co-Founder and CEO of Next Insurancestates that they will continue to develop a portfolio of digital products and benefit from technology that enhances the customer experience with the new investment they receive.

Founded in 2016, Next Insurance is an initiative aimed at providing small business owners with high-quality, affordable insurance. Next Insurance designs insurance plans for commercial sectors that are overlooked by general insurance companies. The small business sectors where Next Insurance offers general and professional liability insurance currently include contractors, fitness, cleaning, beauty, therapy, entertainment, and education.

Since there are competitive prices and there are no hidden fees, companies can buy insurance instantly. Also, it is possible to say that Next Insurance is a licensed company, can write policies independently, has more say in pricing and policy structuring.

Policyholders with Next Insurance can access US-based licensed insurance consultants and insurance certificates from a mobile device or computer, and tools and services such as internal compensation cases, where a decision is usually made within the 48 hours.

Next Insurance has more than one policy in 2020 increased the number of customers 10 times and tripled the amount of bonuses issued by representative partners. Same time Hired 180 new employees and for the first time in a single day Reached over $ 1 million in written premiums.

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