The uncertainty about the price of bread in Edirne confused the citizens

In Edirne, 2 different professional cameras selling different weights and different prices provoked the reaction of the citizens. In the city, 230 grams of bread are sold at 2 lire in 31 bakeries that are members of the Edirne Chambers of Merchants and Artisans (EDESOB), while 210 grams of bread are sold at 1.5 lire in 23 bakeries affiliated with the Edirne Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ETSO).


ETSO President Recep Zıpkınkurt stated that they did not update the prices because there was still no letter from the ministry regarding the fee. Zıpkınkurt reported that some bakers who were members of them also heard that they were illegally selling bread for 2 lira without ETSO’s knowledge and permission. Zıpkınkurt stated that the price of 210 grams of bread in Edirne is 1.5 lira and said: “There is no new recipe given from our room. Therefore, the price of 210 grams of bread in Edirne is 1.5 lire until this duty is released. We have heard that some of our members have copied the rate they received from another trade association with photocopies and sold it for 2 lira. What they are doing is illegal, I think it will cause them problems tomorrow the next day. The price to be applied now is 1.5 lire for 210 grams of bread. We warn our friends not to change to the price of 2 lira without receiving a fee from the ETSO to which they are connected. Therefore, when authorized institutions carry out inspections, they will be subject to heavy penalties. The amounts of the fines can be up to 100,000 lire. They can be victims of this, ”he said.


EDESOB President Kemal Cingöz noted that bakers affiliated with their trade associations decided to increase their input costs due to increased input costs. Cingöz said: “We gave the bakers the last increase in bread in the fifth month of 2019. At that time, the net minimum wage was 2,324 lira. A ton of wheat cost 1,650 lira and a sack of flour cost 90 lira. Today, the price of flour has risen to 200 per ton of wheat to 2 thousand lire. The prices of inputs have risen. We gave this figure to prevent bakery traders from being victims, “he said.


Necdet Galiba said: “We want a fixed price for bread. We buy bread in some bakeries for 1.5 lire and others for 2 lire. We visit bakeries and buy bread. We are confused. “If there is a certain price, we both know our budget and we know where we will buy.”

Kamuran Aladag said: “People are confused. It is better if a middle way is found. We go to a bakery for 1.5 lira, another baked for 2 lira. A middle way must be found for this,” he said.


Sevim Çarıkçı said: “It would be better if the price of bread was the same everywhere because it creates confusion. If the cost of this is 1 lira, it should be 1.2, at most 1.5, not 1.75. We are against the increase in the price of bread, “he said.


The last bread climb in Edirne was last November. While 210 grams of bread was sold for 1.5 lire in November, the gram of bread was reduced to 200 and the price increased to 2 lire.

ETSO and EDESOB, which are authorized to raise bread in the city, did not approve the decision. On the other hand, bakers stated that bread prices increased due to the increase in input costs. In November 2020, the Provincial Directorate of Commerce intervened and imposed fines on bakers who sell bread at an increase. Then the bakers withdrew the increased tariff.

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