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In drinking water, in human feces. and even establish the connection between mother and baby during pregnancy microplastic is detected even in the placenta we live in an age. It is quite clear how an urgent problem awaits a solution to the problem of plastic waste. If we do not want to continue eating and drinking plastic, we have to sacrifice the use of plastic both individually and socially. On the other hand, designers, scientists and activists are constantly working to support the fight against plastic. developing new solutions. Replacing plastic containers with natural plastic is one of the most common approaches. New alternatives are being added to these bioplastic materials that are soluble in nature such as cacti, moss and vegetables. The most creative solution for supermarkets in Thailand and Vietnam by starting to use banana leaves instead of plastic packaging in the fruit and vegetable aisles. had revealed. One contribution to this fight came from the project called The Journey of Plastic.

The journey of plasticis a collection of visual and written content that examines the climate cost of plastic and the effects of plastics. A feature video documentary Y articles contains. The project was implemented by Doğu Eroğlu for Medyascope.

The Journey of Plastic describes climate change and plastic waste in a way that everyone can understand.

I have been following news and articles on global climate change for about 10 years. As someone who faces denial or incomprehensibility when speaking to those around me, The Plastic Journey was very helpful to me. Because the matter is very understandable, explained in a language that everyone can understand. It is also making progress with examples from Turkey. Therefore, people who are not interested in a polar bear on a small piece of ice are more likely to be convinced by these ingredients. The opinions of Turkey experts, all those who love the country and the impact on our country to deal with the climate crisis will dispatch the plastic waste problems. What business in Turkey for plastic waste from abroad? Articles like I think are the kind of content these lands have long needed.

Unknown about the life cycle of plastic The journey of plastic: a different cycle than the industry tells explained with a diagram in the content. Again, a place where you will face plastic consumption poll is also included. After completing the questionnaire, you will find new data on plastic consumption. All content is written in a language that can be read fluently and without boredom. Foreign terms, which are the biggest drawback of Turkish texts on climate change, are almost non-existent. In this sense, I believe that the Plastic Journey is the best channel for those who are first familiar with the issue of climate change to master the subject. Those who are interested in the topic The end of the world as we know it You can also take a look at the documentary series called.

Doğu Eroğlu has signed the research and editing section of The Journey of Plastic. Sedat Elbasan on camera; We see that there are Egemen Gök and Doğu Eroğlu in the original design. The editor of the project is Gülce İpek Eroğlu. Animations are by Denizhan Kaymak and illustrations by Mert Tugen.

Visual: The journey of plastic

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