The telework regulation was published in the Official Gazette

The regulation envisaged for the remote working method, which increased after the pandemic, was published in the Official Gazette. In the regulation prepared by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Security, it was indicated that the defendant to work remotely must be established in writing. If the employee wishes to work with this method, he must submit a request in writing to the employer.


In the regulations, it has been stipulated that the place where the employee will perform his work will be arranged by the employer. The employer and employee will discuss together how the cost of creating this environment will be covered.

The employer is obliged to provide the materials necessary for the production of goods and services. In the regulation, the employer will deliver to the employee the material necessary for production with a report, and the contract will regulate how the expenses incurred during the execution of the service will be paid.


The working hours for remote work will be organized in accordance with the legislation in the employment contract. Overtime is performed at the written request of the employer, with the worker’s acceptance, in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.

Responsibility for remote workplace security rests with the employer. The regulation stated that “the employer is obliged to inform the worker about the occupational health and safety measures, provide the necessary training, provide health surveillance and take the necessary occupational safety measures in relation to the equipment supplied, taking into account the nature of the work performed by the remote employee “.


According to the regulations, the approval of the employer is required for telework, the worker will not be able to make this decision on his own and the telework permit will be in writing. According to the regulations, the worker will make a written request for an extension of work, and this request will be resolved positively and negatively within 30 days. In case of need, the employer may hire some of the employees from home, and in this case, the consent of the worker will not be requested.

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