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Illustrator and animation film director Marlies van der welin addition to illustrated children’s books Jonah and the sea He is known for his short films, as well as for the animated film called. The director, who participated in prestigious festivals such as the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale), the Toronto Film Festival and Sundance, premiered at the 38th Dutch Film Festival. Emily presents an intimate story with his animated short film.

Focusing on the concepts of loneliness and personal satisfaction, the director begins to prepare this film inspired by a song. Inspired by the growth and maturation of flowers and the song that speaks of love, he proposes to prepare the animation. It describes the movie as taking responsibility for your own destiny and knowing how to be satisfied with the little things.


A life dedicated to plants: Emily

Focusing on the life of a florist living in a rural area, the film is presented to us with its moving story, colorful drawings, and simple storytelling. By creating her own sheltered world in her garden, Emily lovingly distributes her flowers to people. When the day is over, he retreats to his own corner and solitude. While enriching and enhancing the lives of those around him, he leads an introverted life in a world full of plants. Placing love at the center of his life, most of his time alone takes on a journey into his past and who he once was. Although he is absorbed in his small garden, he touches people’s lives with the flowers he cares for.


There is no dialogue in the film, where absolute goodness prevails. However, the piece that accompanies the story fully complies with what is intended to be told through dialogue. Sjam Sjamsoedin The melancholic piece, composed by her, shares Emily’s humble and simple life.

Emily, who was nominated by the Netherlands for the Academy Awards in the category of animated short film in 2019, HALAL it is included in the selection of production companies. The movie was recently shared by the production company on Vimeo. You can access the animated short that questions the meaning of real happiness below. In another video explaining the film production phase, we can see where the director was inspired and how the design process was carried out.


Director: Marlies van der Wel
Production Company: HALAL

Picture: HALAL, Marlies van der wel

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