The rhythms of Tyler, the creator of Coca-Cola Commercial Bigumigu

Coca-Cola uses country-specific cultural melodies and happiness-oriented rhythms in its commercials. So much so that even a list of the music used by the brand in Spotify commercials it’s found. On the soundtrack to Coca-Cola’s latest commercial movie, the rap artist who received high praise with his last two albums Flower Boy and IGOR. Tyler the creatorhas a signature.

Dance that starts with Coca-Cola

The two-minute commercial titled Open That Coca-Cola emphasizes the pleasure of opening a cold Coca-Cola on a hot day. This narrative, which the brand has highlighted before, is combined with the interpretation of Tyler, the Creator. In the movie, we see a person opening a bottle of Coke and leaving himself to the music with the first sip. The movements of the feet accompany the rhythm in the music, where the touch of Tyler, the Creator is felt and the words taste and sip are at the forefront.

Following the release of the commercial, the artist also includes information on the production process. Claiming that he played the flute in the movie’s entry in his posts on his Twitter account, Tyler, The Creator says commercial movies need that music.

Tyler, the Creator won Best Rap Album with IGOR at the 62nd Grammy Awards last year had been. Album to number one on the Billboard 200 chart had risen.

Visual: YouTube

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