The registration period is extended to 365 days for electronic devices brought from abroad

The Regulation of Modification of the Regulation on Registration of Devices with Electronic Identity Information prepared by the Authority of Information Technologies and Communications entered into force after its publication in the Official Gazette.

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Consequently, the “blacklist” means that the illegal, lost or stolen electronic identity information has been altered or copied to other devices, the Information Technology and Communications Authority has been notified of its deletion or exported, has received a permanent international data roaming service or is not included in the Authority’s records, will consist of the IMEI numbers of the devices that have been detected as in use and removed from the white list by not receiving service from electronic communications networks for 7 years.

The “gray list” will include the IMEI numbers of devices that are outside the black and white lists, but temporarily receive the electronic communications service within the borders of the country.

The paired whitelist will belong to the debtor as of May 31, 2019, with the IMEI numbers of the devices brought with the passenger, the subscriber numbers registered to the passenger’s identity number, limited to three calendar years, and the IMEI numbers of the devices that have been reported as funded by the operators, it will be made up of matching subscriber numbers.

The operators will send a text message to the user of the device whose IMEI number is blacklisted, indicating that the IMEI number is blacklisted, and they will inform the subscriber of the device, that they cannot receive text messages. with different communication methods. The foreign operator will also be informed that the user of the device within the scope of the international permanent data roaming service is a subscriber.

The device, whose IMEI number is blacklisted, will be accessed to the 112 Emergency Call service.

Electronic devices that are not included in the institution’s records but found to be in use and not registered within 120 days from the date they were added to the blacklist will continue to be considered “devices. illegal “and will be closed to use.

However, requests to register devices with electronic identification information brought with the passenger by Covid-19 and receive the service of the mobile communications network will be made within 365 days from the date of entry into the country. This period was previously applied as 120 days.

For devices that were not registered within the specified period of use of 120 days, taking into account the epidemic, it was possible to register and reopen within 365 days, from the date of entry into the country.

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