The Ramadan demands of the food and beverage industry

With the circular issued by the Ministry of the Interior in line with the decisions made in the Presidential Cabinet restaurants and cafesNew restrictions were imposed.

After these restrictions, a 4-item request list was drawn up and sent to the Ministry of the Interior in order to ensure the continuity of the existing works in the sector.

Speaking on the matter, Ramazan Bingöl, president of the Association of All Restaurants and Tourism (TÜRES), said: “We transmit the requests of our members and our sector to the officials of the Ministry of the Interior, taking into account the latest circular. With these 4 elements, our industry will at least relax a bit in terms of on-the-go and on-the-go service. “ If these demands are met, especially before the next month of Ramadan, our business will improve even more. ”

The 4 requests submitted to the Ministry were explained as follows:

Lifting the restriction on parcel service and maintaining it for 24 hours, taking into account the time of sahur.

Eliminate the uncertainty about the take-and-take service that was included in the previous circulars and not included in the last circular of March 30, and continue with the take-and-take service at times when there is no curfew .

To be able to provide the take-and-take service to people exempt from curfews.

The restriction of people to sit at the tables does not apply to people of the same family.


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