The problem of agriculture has also extended to fattening

CHP Bursa MP Orhan Sarbal said that the increase in feed prices affected the livestock sector and that this was not sustainable.

In a press conference at the Assembly, Sarıbal declared that 70 percent of the inputs for animal husbandry constitute oath and their prices increased by 60 percent in one year.

The CHP deputy said that meat and milk prices increased between 18 and 20 percent in the same period.Cattle cannot be held on this tablesaying.

The meat does not cover the price

Sarbal claimed that in February 2018, the breeder received 26 kilograms of feed for 1 kilogram of meat, which has now decreased to 18 kilograms. He noted that slaughter prices have risen by 47 percent and feed prices by 106 percent in the last three years.

The CHP deputy continued his words as follows: “Again before the arbitrary one-man administration, the milk feed parity in February 2018; In other words, he was taking 1 kilogram of 430 grams of food with one liter of milk. Today, you can get 1 kilo of 180 grams of food with 1 liter of milk. This parity is valid when the price of raw milk is 2 lira 80 kuruş, but the producer can only sell his milk for 2 lira 50 kuruş today. In other words, with 1 liter of milk, you can only get 1 kilogram of 50 grams of food.

Today, both the dairy farmer and the fattening producer suffer. This is not a sustainable situation. For the sector to earn money, for example, the milk / feed parity must be at least 1.50, that is, 1 liter and 1 kilogram 500 grams of feed. Otherwise, it is not possible to continue production. “





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