The President of Parliament, Şentop: “The vote is not renewed for the first time”

The president of Parliament, Şentop, defended that the bill, which was rejected by opposition votes, be put back on the agenda. Şentop said: “It is not the first time the vote has been renewed.”

The President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Mustafa ,entop, rejected by the opposition vote “Security Investigations and Investigation Files Offer Law” to be discussed in parliament again despite the objection of the government, made a statement about the decision.

Şentop said: “The evaluations that are made by saying ‘This is a blow to the Assembly’ are completely ignorant and manipulative evaluations.” In fact, the images were examined within the framework of internal regulations, which indicates that it is a false and significant error. The decision in this regard was made in the presidential council. It was found correct in the General Assembly. The voting was then resumed. Is this something that happened for the first time? “Did not say.

The proposal was rejected at midnight Wednesday by opposition votes when AKP and MHP MPs did not participate in the vote. Then Mustafa Şentop, the President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, was invited to convene the Presidential Board of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey for the proposal to be voted on again. Subsequently, the motion of the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey for the renewal of the vote was put to the vote. It should be noted that members of the AKP and MHP did not attend the vote in the evening, this time as a complete picture. In the vote last night, it was accepted that the vote on the bill be restored.

Despite opposition spokespersons insisting that the proposal was rejected and that no proposal could be made on the same issue for a year, the meeting of the Presidential Board of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey at the request of the government provoked protests in parliament. Deputies from the CHP, the IYI party and the HDP group made statements and protested the Speaker of the Parliament, Mustafa Şentop.

“Expressions of ignorance”

Şentop said in a statement today: “There was a problem with the voting of a law in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. In the vote, the vice president of parliament who presided over the session stated that the bill was rejected because there was not enough acceptance. The vote was repeated yesterday, it was decided to move on to the articles. Some people evaluating this here have statements that what has been done is wrong. All of these are expressions of ignorance. “The president of the assembly has sole and exclusive authority over the operation of the general assembly.

The vice president of the CHP Group, Özgür Özel, criticizing Şentop, who summoned the Presidential Board to the meeting, used the expressions “The president of the Assembly has also become a supporter of the People’s Alliance.”


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