The platform where consumer electronics products can be rented: Rental

1, 3, 6 and 12 months serving as a platform where so many consumer electronics can be rented Your rentalaims to allow users to access these products, even by renting, where consumer electronics prices are rising and payment options are limited.

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Simon Sinan Ventura, Cenk Yilmaz Y Alper erdem Hiring established by, January 1, 2021 began to serve. For now 9 people Managed with a team, the rental has been developed within a period of 5 months. Renting, which is very easy to use, Almost 100 products in 11 different categories offers.

Among the categories in which Kiralabunu offers products accessory, mom Y baby, computer, home tools, usable device, camera, personal maintenance, Sport Y outdoor, Tablet, technology Y telephone occurs. After selecting the products you want to rent, the payment step is completed by charging only the 1 month rental fee.

After the payment step, Findeks identification information and credit rating inquiry stages follow. 3 hours maximum The platform, which itself confirms these stages, delivers the rented product to the user within a period of 3 to 5 business days. Based on the information shared by your tenant, the system is now Subscribers who rent their third product in 1 month have.

The platform’s 1-month subscription option is offered primarily for the taste of the research consumer segment who wants to test the products before purchasing. The 3 and 6 month rental period is for periodic needs. individual Y Corporate attracts the attention of customers.

To meet the needs of students, frequent travelers, and many more different user segments. short timed You can make leases. With the 12-month rental option, a solution is offered for users who want to rent a long-term rental or who like to keep up to date using the latest technology every year.

According to the information shared, in the first month Technological device close to the inventory value of 350 thousand TL The tenant, who received a rental application, successfully completed more than 50 percent of this application. For now Male consumers aged 18-30 the initiative of great interest, Almost 100 product rentals in 1 month performance He showed.

Total subscribers in the first quarter of 2021 300At the end of the year, the initiative aimed at Up to 1500 subscribers aims to achieve. Leasing, which is in a competitive position both with certain companies and with consumer markets that carry out corporate leasing in our country and solutions abroad, to customers monthly easy Payments, to damage in case of valid repair warranty Y rental after that to the tenant presented advantageous to buy taking options aims to stay one step ahead of your competitors by offering.

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