The place where the Ottomans prepared for wars: Bursa Kocayayla

Emphasizing that the district has a historical side, as well as its natural beauties, Teymur said:

“Kocayayla, where we are now, is the place where the Ottoman Empire was preparing for war during the founding years. We also have Gököz, which has natural beauties. We have a festival every year in Kocayayla. Kocayayla is also one of the most popular picnic and picnic areas in Bursa. If we include daily trips, we receive approximately 200 thousand people a year. Nature lovers, campers, scouts who want to get away from the stress of big cities are always welcome to Kocayayla, the pearl of our Keles. In addition to the camping and picnic activities in summer, our guests who want to stay in our bungalow houses in winter are active. We have bungalow houses for those who want to take advantage of the semester holidays and, at the same time, the People can come to Kocayayla to relax as an alternative to the crowd in Uludağ.


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