The next-generation content platform GAIN can also be viewed on smart TVs

Next-generation content platform focused on short videos TO WINannounced today that it is available on Apple TV and Android TV with a notification that it shared today. Thus, users will be able to view GAIN not only from the mobile application but also from the smart TVs in their home. Let’s even make a point that is not included in the notifications, plus you can monitor GAIN from the web browser.

Unlike the mobile version in the smart TV version of GAIN, a video does not directly greet the user on the home screen of the TV version. Obviously, it can be said that this is an important and positive change in terms of the user experience. The biggest shortcoming of the smart TV version for now is that it doesn’t make suggestions like “continue to next episode” or “watch something else” near the end of the show. We can say that it stands out for the lack of an initial phase. Because referrals and suggestions are one of the most effective ways for people to consume more content.

With this new update, the company also brought the screen splitting feature to iOS. Apart from the function that makes life easier for the user, the most missing point in GAIN is the tab “what you look at”. Users who view content they previously viewed in a separate title or tab, and have a tab like watch new episode can now make new content stand out more and improve the user experience.

GAIN is positioned as an alternative to social media in terms of content consumption for viewers especially during the pandemic process with its high quality, short and original content. GAIN, which began its broadcasting life with the Force Majeure New Year’s Party, has seized the power and creativity of the Influencers with its productions Walking in Special, Say One More, Stop to Stop. Obviously, the platform encourages viewers to consume content for a longer period of time by switching to widescreen.

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