The New York Times Special Event for the Climate Change Summit [SXSW 2021] Bigumigu

The New York Times has made a name for itself with its climate debate this year at SXSW. made a mention. The session, which focused on tools to combat climate change, was organized as part of the SXSW Featured Sessions program. The New York Times, in this session, at the same time as the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Summit (COP26). The New York Times Climate Hub announced that he was planning the event.

Climate Hub aims to enable readers to better understand climate change

This will take place in Glasgow in November. The New York Times Climate Hub effectiveness; It will be an ambitious 10-day event with live journalism, thought leadership and action on climate change. The objective of the event will be to fill the gap between the public with the COP26 summit.

Weather editor Hannah Fairfield; He stated that they will address disasters such as wildfires, hurricanes and floods, as well as other impacts driven by climate change such as inequality, migration, food, housing and the economy. Therefore, its aim is to offer readers a better understanding of climate change. The New York Times, along with journalists, keynote speakers, and industry experts, will discuss these deep and pressing issues at its special event.

The New York Times Climate Hub will be largely virtual and, to the extent constraints allow, face-to-face. There will be sections in different formats at the event. It will be the scene of the opinions of the most innovative minds in the business world ForumIt will also host industry leaders with Oxford-style debates. The Think Tank The episode will feature a series of talks and discussions in light of The New York Times’ unique journalistic approach. Climate action In the section, the effects of individual and social work and lifestyle habits on climate change will be discussed. This section will host lectures, discussions, and learning sessions for people of all ages. The program will also feature speakers from Scottish culture, education, charity and business with interactive sessions developed in collaboration with local organizations.

The New York Times Climate Hub will launch on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. The physical stage of the event will take place at SWG3 Studios. Those who are interested in being informed about the news from here you can register. The full list of speakers and ticket prices will be announced in the future.

Image: The New York Times Climate Hub

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