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The closure of museums and art galleries due to the epidemic brought art lovers to the Internet, the only place where they can see the works of their favorite artists. Digital files In this sense, it has become a very important resource. People in the Van Gogh museum 4K virtual tour avoid throwing Remote gallery tour with robots experienced many things. Ken Bromley Art Supplies, on the other hand, shows which artist is most Googled in the world. World’s most popular artist He analyzed the behavior of art lovers by drawing a map called.

Ken Bromley’s Art Supplies Map Includes calls made in 2020. Results were analyzed using Google Keyword Planner in February 2021. In addition to a full world map, they produced 6 more maps in which this map is displayed in parts. According to his research, Leonardo da Vinci took his place at the top as the most searched artist on Google in 82 countries. But da Vinci is not the number one name anywhere in the world. The most sought after painters in some countries are Frida Kahlo (29 countries) and Van Gogh (24 countries). They; They are followed by Artemisia Gentileschi (23 countries), Picasso (18 countries), Banksy (14 countries) and Diego Velázquez (2 countries).

Frida Kahlo, Turkey’s Favorite

While Britain’s favorite is Banksy, who came off his own land, Banksy is considered to be Russia’s most sought-after artist. The fact that only 2 of the 13 most wanted artists are women sadly reveals the inequality that stretches from history to the present.

World's most popular artist

Frida Kahlo Turkey, USA, Mexico, Brazil 1 number. Artemisia Gentileschi tops the list for Australia and China. Countries that do not have enough data to analyze are grayed out on the map.

Ken Bromley Art Supplies previously collaborated with digital marketing agency Lacuna 5 to create a colorful artwork. In this project, “What would it be like if famous artists designed travel posters for the places where they were born?” with the approach they prepared a series of posters.

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