The ‘library’ obligation in new buildings

The Regulation of Modification of the Regulation of Planning of the Planned Territory prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization was published in the Official Gazette.

According to the regulation, it will be necessary to build a library room as a common area in buildings with more than 40 independent deaths.

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The regulation indicated that “On the normal floors of buildings with more than 40 independent sections, a library room will be built in shopping centers and on normal floors of the building, without access from the outside, not exceeding 50 square meters in total, not subject to commercial use, as a common area ”.


With the regulation, taking into account the growing problem of drought, it is now mandatory to build a “rainwater collection system” to collect rainwater collected on the roofs of all buildings to be constructed on plots larger than 2 thousand square meters in a warehouse under the garden floor to be used for irrigation or garden treatment.

The regulation also authorized municipalities and other institutions authorized to issue licenses to impose obligations on this issue for the smallest parcels.


Under the regulation, if a “Building Registration Certificate” has been obtained due to subsequent violations in a separate section of the residential building, the other parts can also be renewed.

On parcels with the right to construct more than one building, a new building can be constructed within the remaining zoning right, so that the area of ​​the opposing parts of a building that does not comply with the legislation and has a “Certificate of Registration of Building “is not deducted from the zoning right of the plot.

With regulation, high garden walls, which are built by filling in the high parcels of the road with dirt and which can be demolished as a result of heavy rains from time to time, also put pressure on foot traffic on the sidewalks.

Consequently, the height of the garden wall to be built in the front gardens at the same level as the elevation of the road will be a maximum of 50 centimeters, and in the front gardens higher from the road, the height of the wall may exceed the natural elevation of the ground of the front garden maximum 50 centimeters.


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