The initiative that turns mobile applications into web pages: Appect

It is an initiative that provides people with mobile applications to create a web page for these applications in the simplest and most effective way. Appearanceavailable about a week ago. Development of Appect began in November 2020, currently only available to users in Turkey.

We transferred you last year SpreadCV with the initiative Anıl Kıral, Burak varli Y Ekrem Diamond Appect is currently managed by a team of 5 people. Being a web page of an application is a requirement due to legal procedures such as privacy conditions and terms of use, and serves as a tool that increases the marketing and customer reach of the application owners.

Appect, which comes into play at this point, mobile request It allows its owners to easily own web pages. Mobile app owners can only copy links in mobile app stores glued in about 1 minute A modern looking web page can be created that can satisfy all your requests.

With Appect, mobile app owners can easily access features like collecting user feedback, easily adding marketing tools to the website, and creating pages like privacy terms and terms of use. In just 1 week Up to 200 members Seems to arrive About 40 web pages He also mediated creation.

An initiative that evaluates all the feedback from Turkish users, develops the product and plans to expand abroad in a short time, monthly subscription model earns income through. Appect, which currently receives no investment, $ 12 per month after a 7-day trial period one subscription has a fee.

Finally, Appect with us, especially for Webrazzi readers 50 percent discount on the first month Let’s add that they share a code that they can subscribe to. Our readers will be valid until the end of this month. WEBRAZZI50 With the code, you can subscribe to the platform with a 50 percent discount in the first month.

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