The initiative that brings together all the support and sales processes in a single platform: Infoset

It is a new generation customer service software that allows companies to manage all sales and support channels such as call center, email, live chat / chatbot and social networks from a single platform. InfosetIt was founded in January 2020 upon receiving an initial investment from Benoit L’Huissier.

Samed Düzcay, Sercan Düzcay and the investor of the company Benoit L’Huissier Founded by Infoset, 6 in Turkey, 4 in total, including in France 10 to the employee owner. Developed for approximately 1.5 years, Infoset still continues its development process with the feedback it receives from its customers.

Infoset, which offers solutions such as phone management in the cloud, email support system, chat / chatbots and web – mobile – WhatsApp – Messenger from a single panel in all channels such as customer contact management, CRM and management of sales, automation in a single and fully integrated panel, 500 get on on call, More than 50 thousand chat conversationsI and Send and receive more than 100,000 emails performed the operation.

FreshWorks, Zendesk, Zoho, Air call Infoset, which has major competitors like, aims to stay one step ahead of its competitors by bringing together all communication channels in a simple and fully integrated panel, providing ease of installation and use. As we mentioned earlier, in France $ 2.2 million valuation Upon receiving an initial investment with the company, Infoset is also aiming to conduct a second investment round by the end of 2021.

Infoset, which works with a subscription model based on user, monthly and annual prices, 8 initiatives selected for the third term of QNBEYOND is also found between. By accelerating their growth, Europe operation The initiative aims to expand, should be active in more than a year until the end of the market with sales subsidiaries and global, Turkey plans to increase its market share.

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