The ‘Information and Debt Service’ of HGS and OGS started in the Electronic Government

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The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has implemented an awareness application for drivers. Electronic governmentin HGS Y OGS Information and debt service from.

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has announced that from time to time an information service has been launched to protect vehicle owners from infringed passes made by citizens when the balance of the Fast Pass System (HGS) and the Automatic Pass System (OGS) is insufficient.

Noting that citizens who have violated infractions have had problems with sanctions before, the Ministry announced that citizens who do not know their sanctions before this service can enter the “My vehicles” section and receive the information and debt service of HGS and OGS with the new application. implemented in e-Government. The Ministry also stated that this practice will avoid the administrative fines that will be imposed for the payment of unpaid tolls at the end of the 15-day legal process.


Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure; Osman Gazi Bridge, Yavuz Sultan Bridge, İzmir Highway, Ankara-Nigde Highway, Eurasia tunnel Stating that the violations of the violations occur frequently in the construction-operation-transfer models such as the construction-operation-transfer models, he stressed that citizens with updated information on e-government will be informed twice within 15 days. by email and SMS. .

Considering that HGS pass tags on vehicles can be broken due to various factors and citizens often make violated passes inadvertently, the Ministry, TÜVTÜRK Vehicle inspection He indicated that these labels will be reviewed at the stations and at this point the citizens will be informed.

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