The houses are left empty: eyes on the students

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The global epidemic, along with the corona virus, has negatively affected both the real estate market and business life in university cities such as Konya, Eskişehir and Bursa. As rental house prices fell, cafes and restaurants remained empty.

Some students have evacuated their homes in the city where their university is located so as not to rent in vain in case the pandemic continues.

On the other hand, when no new students came to the cities this year, the houses in the student cities were left empty.

Stating that if universities opt for the “hybrid education” model, there will be dynamism in the real estate sector, the representatives of the sector evaluated the latest situation in


Erdal Çelebi, President of the Bursa Chamber of Real Estate Consultants“This year, students are not expected to come to Bursa due to the pandemic. People are not considering renting a house in the short term. Traders, owners and real estate agents in the Görükle region, where the students are concentrated, are having a painful period The houses are empty at a rate of 75 per cent Rents for apartments 1 + 1 and 2 + 1 currently range between 1,000 and 2,000 lire.

There is consumption and mobility where the student is. Not only the real estate market, but also the cafes, clothes and restaurants in the region, everything will be active ”, he said.


Stating that there are many houses evacuated by students due to lack of face-to-face education Sedat Altınay, Chairman of the Konya Chamber of Realtors“The students will have no problem finding a house when they return. The owners are anxious and now the janitor and construction costs are charged to the owners. They pay out of pocket. Therefore, the prices will not go up and the owners will provide Not only the owners, but also the real estate agents, cafes, grocers and shopping centers are also waiting for the students to return. The rents of the houses may be in doubt even below the previous prices, “he said.


Stating that if the educational process is carried out completely remotely, the Eskişehir real estate market will collapse. Head of the Chamber of Realtors of Eskişehir Gazi Çelik In his statement to UAV, he stressed that the “hybrid education” model must be implemented in universities in order to mobilize the sector and reduce the economic consequences of the epidemic at some point.

Stating that measures to protect oneself from the virus can be easily implemented if the educational process is started gradually, Çelik said: “The real estate sector in Eskişehir, known as the university town, is going through difficult times. We are on top of the affected sections. by the pandemic While the hybrid education model is applied in some universities across the country, the universities in Eskişehir decision to distance education.

Everyone is already overwhelmed by the virus. Students and families want to get back to normal life. Face-to-face training in at least some areas will be good for many citizens. It would be good if some students gradually received formal education rather than all entering school at the same time.

We believe that our youth will act in accordance with precautions. Therefore, mobility will increase in many sectors. Although rents have dropped significantly, rental houses have been vacant for about 1 year. In our opinion, the hybrid education model will be a model that will comfort everyone, ”he said.


It is a traditional learning method. Hybrid education is “the coexistence of two different energy sources.” Blended learning, also known as blended learning, hybrid learning, and blended learning, is defined as the enrichment of the traditional educational method with online educational materials. In addition to the technologies used, the use of different educational philosophies together in the traditional learning environment is also defined as blended learning.

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