The first layer of is for sale as NFT

The most popular concept in recent days. NFT. By making digital artworks accessible to everyone, NFT continues to be the scene of exciting registrations and sales.

The first example of this is; It came from Beeple, famous for its digital art. A piece of Beeple’s NFT sold for $ 69 million. Another example came from Elon Musk. Elon Musk, who somehow managed to get on the agenda with what he did and said, tweeted that he released his new NFT-themed song as NFT. Similarly, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey posted his first tweet as NFT. Jack Dorsey’s first tweet was sold to Sina Estavi, CEO of Turkish-born Bridge Oracle and Cryptoland, for $ 2.9 million. Another example came from former T-Mobile CEO John Legere. Legere purchased Steve Aoki’s NFT work for $ 888,888.

In our country, NFT sales examples began to increase. Mesut Özil, as a result of his collaboration with Genies Wearable Mesut Özil Next Chapter Boots and The kit present the product. These digital items were sold through an auction held on NiftyGateway. While the shoes found buyers for $ 1,886, The Kit sold for $ 2,525. Finally, Bensu Soral Baş put his work “RIP Black Mamba” up for auction on OpenSea. This artifact was sold for 2.5 ETH.

4129Grey CEO Alemşah Öztürk combined 5 different poems with visual compositions and auctioned them on the NFT Marketplace Foundation and OpenSea. Similarly, Faladdin had put NFT’s “Fatality” job on OpenSea.

Now recently celebrating its 15th anniversary, announced that he took his first step into the world of cryptographic art by putting his first montage on sale as NFT. Ozan Tuzun, one of the founders of, made the first coat he made while installing the platform. Through the Rarible platform put it up for sale. Monte, which has been on sale for 1 day, received an offer worth around $ 100 at the time of writing.

Currently, has more than 100,000 registered members who produce photoshop and videos, and more than 500,000 followers on social media. These and other sales in Turkey will also become a potential income generator to generate creative content if successful.

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