The first installment must be paid so as not to spoil the tax structure.

In accordance with the extension decision, requests to the Tax Agency, Ministry of Customs and Commerce, Special Provincial Administrations, Municipalities and the Social Security Institution (SGK) for all debts belonging to institutions subject to restructuring in Law No. 7256, until 31.01 .; Since 31.01.2021 coincides with an official holiday, it can be done until the end of 01.02.2021.

The payment of the first installment, on the other hand, will be paid in full or the payment of the first installment to the Ministry of Tax Responsibilities and Customs and Commerce, Special Provincial Administrations and collection offices attached to the Municipalities until 03.01.2021.

The entire or the first installment to the Social Security Institution will be made until 03.31.2021.

Serkan Kumdakcı, Director of the Tax Platform of the Turkish Industrial and Entrepreneurs Foundation“Requests should not be left for the term. Also, in the configuration, the date of the first installment has been postponed to March 1. The first two installments must be paid on time and in full. Otherwise, the configuration is it will break, “he added. said.

Kumdakcı said: “The first two installments must be paid on time and in full. If more than two installments are not paid or are incompletely paid within one calendar year, the configuration will be broken.

Setup apps expire on January 31st.

This week is essential so that applications are not left until the deadline. Regulation is of great importance to both taxpayers and the country’s economy in terms of taxpayer breathing and increasing the speed of tax collection by the state.


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