The European media ask: “Is the way back to normality the vaccine passport?”

At the EU summit, it was decided to implement a digital crown vaccine passport. This document will be valid throughout Europe freedom to travel There are different thoughts on how it will affect. Although countries like Greece, Spain, Italy and Austria, where the tourism sector is of great importance, want the document to allow free travel, many columnists believe that now is not the time to debate this issue.

Now is not the time to think about the holidays

EU and its institutions set wrong priorities again, says Austria Standard der: “There is more to the vaccine certificate. It is a dream as long as only a small proportion of people are vaccinated. Other things are more urgent. … First the number of cases will be reduced, regional solutions will be introduced, the economy will be kept alive, decisions will be made on the borders and much later the issue of holidays will be discussed. … The crisis of the crown is constantly escaping from the governments and the head of the EU Commission. With its outdated structure, the EU is no longer fit to face the crisis of the century. So the most basic questions are: How can 27 heads of state and government be awakened from sleep? What is the European Parliament concerned with? Who will end this paralysis? “

There are uncertainties

from Sweden Dagens Nyheter ‘According to him, there are some other important issues that are not clear: “Of course, customers would feel very comfortable if they could demonstrate that they are not dangerous for their environment with a document in airlines and hotels, or better yet, with a digital medical report. on your mobile phone. But that does not mean they are not infectious or how long the vaccine will last for your protection. Vaccine shortages continue, so it is decided who will get vaccinated first based on ranking. Some people’s problems, like allergies, require special solutions. There is also the following: Should certification of the presence of antibodies in the blood be accepted as if there were a vaccine? “

Now it’s time to prepare for the summer

From Spain The country praises this initiative, saying: “In Europe, where the vaccinated group is still very small, it may be thought that it is too early to implement a vaccine passport. But it is a shared mission that is worth preparing to implement a few months later, when the environment is safer. … It is gratifying that a compromise has been reached despite the contradictions expressed above! … It is not correct to say that this debate is about discrimination, because it is just a new measure that restricts our freedom of movement, such as new certification tests, quarantine rules and regional curfews. “

Passport name

The vaccine passport will arrive, but it will have another name, says Romania Radio Europe Liberă: “For example, the French are completely against such a vaccine passport for ethical reasons. But major airlines are pushing for a document to be displayed on board the plane. So people who are not vaccinated for one reason or another will not be able to travel. … People will receive a multilingual type of vaccination certificate, probably valid in 27 EU member states. But it will not be a true ‘vaccine passport’ of the kind requested not only by Greece but also by countries like Italy and Spain, where tourism is very important. “


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