The electricity of the families of the martyrs and disabled consumers with bills will not be cut off for 3 months.

Mustafa Yılmaz, president of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority, made a statement to the AA correspondent on the Regulation on the Amendment of the Regulation of Consumer Services of the Electricity Market, which was published in the Official Gazette and said that they have finalized the regulation that concerns millions. of electricity subscribers, on which they have been meticulously working for a while.

Expressing that the regulation will be beneficial, Yılmaz emphasized that they brought very important innovations with this regulation and said: “One of these innovations is that the electricity will not be cut for 3 months due to the debt of subscribers over 65, disabled consumers and martyrs. and disabled warriors / veterans. Two points are very important here. The second is that this regulation is not limited to the epidemic period. When the epidemic is over, this opportunity will be available to subscribers. ” speak.

Yılmaz emphasized that they prepared the arrangement considering the necessary details, with understandable language and a consumer-oriented approach, saying:

“The electricity cut will not be possible on Fridays, official and religious holidays and the day before these holidays. We advise our citizens to read this regulation and respect their rights. We, as EMRA, follow all the implementation of our legislation in the If any company finds a request that is against regulation, I remind our citizens that they can definitely submit a request to EMRA in writing via the Internet, we will do whatever it takes about that company in the quickest way.

According to the aforementioned regulation, the electricity of consumers over 65, families of martyrs and disabled warriors / veterans who have retail contracts on their behalf and who are in the residential consumer group, and the disabled consumers presenting their board of health report to the designee. supplier company, stating that he has a disability of more than 40 percent, it can be issued if the invoices of a place of use are not paid on time for at least 3 periods without interruption and the consumer is informed by the responsible supplier company that will make the cut.

If installments are requested for the payment of the debt, the installment will be made by the providers and the repayment period will be a maximum of 4 months.

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