The deadline for the first SSI premium setup payment is March 31st.

In their written statement, Selçuk stated that by restructuring SSI premium debts, they eased the burden on citizens during the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic.

In this context, Selçuk recalled that with the President’s Decision of December 30, 2020, the request for restructuring of SSI was extended until February 1, 2021 and the payment period was extended until March 31, 2021, Selçuk He said:

“With the aforementioned regulation, insurance premiums, general health insurance premium (GSS), unemployment insurance premium, administrative fines, claims receivable derived from work accidents, occupational diseases, disability and incapacity for work, unduly paid income and pensions and Bağ-Kur. derived from the revitalization of previously suspended service periods of the insured were restructured. 2.1 million citizens applied to our e-Government, e-SGK and social security centers for the restructuring. The total amount of restructuring has exceeded 101 billion lira and has been collected so far. “


Noting that SSI’s debt restructuring brings significant advantages to Bağ-Kur members, Selçuk said: “The original premium debt of Bağ-Kur policyholders, which were canceled by previous laws, was updated with the Index of prices to the national producer (D-PPI).. In case of payment, the suspended service periods will be reactivated “. used the expression.


Selçuk stated that if GSS premium debts are paid in cash or installments by April 30, 2021, the late fee and the entire increase will be removed.

“GSS premiums will be updated from the start date, according to the income test result, if those who have never requested an income test before and those who have not requested an income test before the 31st. March 2021. The debts of the premium of those considered will be eliminated and their premiums will be paid by the state. “


In the statement, it was also shared that the accounts receivable under the SSI configuration were updated with D-PPI instead of the delay penalty and the increase, 90 percent of the D-PPI calculated in cash payments and 50 percent of the two-installment payments were eliminated.

It was also recalled that for those who prefer to pay in installments, the opportunity is provided to pay in 6, 9, 12 and 18 equal installments in two-month periods, and foreclosures applied previously in proportion to the payments to be made are eliminated. made in accordance with this law.


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