The Covid-19 outbreak brought billions of dollars to vaccine-producing companies

According to the Guardian report, many countries have opened the bag for millions of doses of vaccine to be used in common vaccination programs.

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The German biotech company BioNTech, founded by Turkish scientists Uğur Şahin and Özlem Türeci, and the pharmaceutical company Pfizer were some of the producers who benefited the most from the Covid-19 vaccine deals they developed together.

BioNTech and Pfizer received orders for a total of 780 million doses, including 300 million doses from the European Union (EU), 200 million doses from the US, and 40 million doses from the Global Access to Covid Vaccines Program. -19 (COVAX).

By splitting costs and profits equally with BioNTech, Pfizer expects sales of $ 15 billion in 2021, based on existing agreements. Total sales are projected to reach $ 30 billion, as companies report they have the capacity to supply 2 billion doses this year.

Shares in Pfizer (founded in 1849), which is a more established company compared to other companies, have risen 1.8 percent in the last 12 months, while shares in BioNTech have risen 156 percent.

Modern USA comes after Pfizer-BioNTech with the deals it has made. The company received a total of 460 million doses of orders from the EU, including 310 million in 2021 and 150 million in 2022, 300 million doses from the US and 50 million doses from Japan.

In the statement made by Moderna, it was reported that sales of $ 18.4 billion are expected in 2021. Shares of the company, which was founded 11 years ago, have increased 372 percent in the last 12 months.

Janssen, a US-based Belgian subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, Produces 52 million US and UK doses, 400 million EU doses, 500 million COVAX doses by 2022 with the single-dose Covid-19 vaccine it produces. million doses of vaccine orders.

Claiming it has the capacity to deliver 1 billion doses of vaccines by the end of this year, the company’s stock has risen 7.7 percent in the past 12 months. Janssen is expected to sell $ 10 billion in 2021.

British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca also received an order for the vaccine it developed with the University of Oxford, 400 million doses from the EU, 300 million doses from the US, 120 million doses from Japan and 100 million from UK dosage. The company, which is expected to sell $ 3 billion in 2021, set a low fee of $ 10 for two doses of vaccine. Unlike other companies, the company’s shares have lost 8.6 percent in the last 12 months.

The Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac’s vaccine developed by Turkey, Brazil, Chile, Singapore, approved and began to be used in countries such as Malaysia and the Philippines. With the intention of providing 10 million doses of vaccine to COVAX countries, the company is expected to sell billions of dollars while its sales are not clearly known. Sinovac shares also lost 21.6 percent in the past 12 months.

While the Russian Gamaleya Institute’s vaccine and vaccines produced by US pharmaceutical companies Novavax and German CureVac received hundreds of millions of doses of vaccine orders, no information on the companies’ total sales could be obtained.

Novavax has become the most valued company among vaccine manufacturers, with an increase of 1,128 percent in the last 12 months.

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