The cost of the carbon tax at the border is $ 2 billion

TEPAV, IKV and IPM; The EU analyzed the Green Consensus. Turkey will face only costs due to the carbon adaptation mechanism at the EU border 1.8 billion euros could be calculated agencies, “Green Transformation” urged not to fit in too late.

Turkey’s Economic Policy Research Foundation (TEPAV), Istanbul Policy Center (IPC) and Economic Development Foundation (IKV), that Turkey should not delay the fulfillment of green transformation, said they issued a statement that it contains what to do in this context. . In this context it was mainly noted that in case of ratifying the Paris Climate Treaty in Turkey, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change also noted the importance of realistically updating. Also, Turkey; It was emphasized that it should review its industrial, energy, agricultural and trade policies from a green transformation perspective.

The joint statement made the following determinations: On the one hand, the EU aims to reduce emissions within the Union, on the other hand, it aims to tax imported products through the mechanism of ‘border carbon regulation’.

The EU plans to increase the share of electricity from renewable sources to 50 percent by 2030 and reduce fertilizer use by 20 to 50 percent to create the conditions for the transition to a carbon-neutral economy. More than 60 percent of Turkey’s exports, the limit stipulated by the European Green Consensus, will be assessed under the scope of carbon regulations for similar applications. In this context, Turkey will face annual costs estimated at 1.8 billion euros. While eco-industrial park practices that prioritize sustainability are becoming more widespread, industrial zones organized according to the carbon neutral goal are on the agenda.

A total of 143 major financial institutions, 20 of which are global asset managers and 123 are banks and insurance / reinsurance companies, have pledged to exit the coal entirely or limit their investments.

By 2030, the EU has allocated a budget of € 1 trillion to achieve the green consensus goals, develop green technologies and facilitate a just transformation.

The objective of updating the Customs Union will need to be reconsidered within the scope of the Green Deal process. Turkey’s EU Internal Market in a more advantageous position to move forward in line with the Memorandum of Green Economy Transition Goals to be Carbon Neutral Targets and High-Importance Upgrade. Turkey has emerged as the need to take saved measures a moment ago that remains outside the new climate regime to lose competitiveness as well as the failure to reduce potential losses and improve competitiveness in the medium-long term.


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