The cost of standardization is an increase of 10-15 percent

While Bartin was the first city where the bans would be lifted, somehow the governor of Istanbul declared that we were ready to open. However, the number of cases is too high for Turkey’s normalization and travel between cities is prohibited unless the virus can be transmitted again to leave the city. Relaxed bans in Germany raised the Ro, that is, the pollution coefficient, above 1 in one week. While experts are concerned about early normalization, the citizen will consume everything more expensive after normalization.

Early normalization is too risky

Assessing the announcement that some restrictions will be lifted next month, despite the high number of cases and deaths, experts say it is too early. Stating that the measures should increase rather than decrease, HASUDER Manager Prof. Dr. Sarp Üner said that the positivity rate in tests doubled from 3.2 percent to 6.2 percent in one month. The Secretary General of the Turkish Medical Association (TTB), Vedat Bulut, said that the immunization period has not yet been completed in vaccination, “As a TTB, we believe that a full shutdown is required for 14-28 days. In this process, social economic support must be provided, and vaccination must be completed quickly so that society is immune to 70 percent.

10-15% hike for restaurants

Hüseyin Aymutlu, president of the Happy Moon café, which has more than 30 branches across the country, said that when cafe-restaurants reopen, layoffs and hikes are inevitable.

It’s on the agenda to reopen workplaces, which have been closed for months due to the Covid-19 outbreak and can only provide parcel service for a while, with capacity limitations in March.

Speaking to Jale Özgentürk from Cumhuriyet, Aymutlu stated that they couldn’t plan and didn’t know how many employees to call: “In the above conditions, there were 1.5 meters between the tables. At that time, we experienced a 35 percent customer loss. In these conditions, the capacity seems to be 70 percent ”.

Aymutlu said that in this case there will be layoffs and continued as follows: “We will work with 50-70 percent. Expenses are 100 percent, which ruins all business. Business risk begins. Under these conditions, no company will be able to call all employees. There are about 50 percent of layoffs. More than 1 million employees are at stake. “

Aymutlu said that they suspended their investments for 2021, everyone began to fear that they could close again in winter, and that the stores where they will open new shopping centers are waiting until October.

Happy Moon’s manager said: “The costs from meat to glass have increased. Currently, the price we receive from our suppliers has increased by 15 percent. We did not upload the menu at the last opening. After the market opened, the numbers stabilized. He sat at 5-6 percent. Our job as a chain is easier. There are two psychologies in the industry. Those who price over cost, those who make the price rise according to market perception. The chains look at the cost. It looks like there will be a 10-15 percent increase in the overall market. However, about 35 percent of the seats will not open. There are those who call me to take over my business. (Will restaurants open in March or not?) The course of the epidemic will show. But one thing is for sure, there will be close to 2 million employees with businesses that will close as the consumer bill gets heavier. “

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