The city transforms into a jump rope land with AirPods Pro Bigumigu

Apple previously introduced AirPods with wireless charging Bounce in a black and white music commercial. Headphone noise control modes are displayed. Break In the titled movie, the dancer was free to be in two different universes within the chaotic city by switching between active noise cancellation and transparent mode. Similarly, in the new video titled Jump, these AirPods features come to the fore.

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Kengo Sugino gets carried away by the rhythm of the music

The commercial, which highlights the active noise cancellation and transparent mode functions, features a man walking through the city. Young Franco voices Denzel Curry and Pell Fallin ‘Apart piece accompanies the man on this walk. Wearing the AirPods Pro headphones, the walker also shows off his jumping skills while touring the city.

As with previous Apple AirPods campaigns, this commercial also TBWA Multimedia Arts Laboratory Was created by. The movie was directed by Sam Brown. The person who animated the film with fantastic jumping rope was the champion in the field of double jump rope. Kengo suggested.

The commercial will feature the third-generation AirPods headphones with a new design. rumors It is launched with the accompaniment. The Grammy Awards ceremony in Turkey, held last night, was prepared in place of the publicity in the film, as well as the enhanced reality for the Snapchat filter. Users can record videos using the virtual jump rope. However, with the open label on TikTok, a challenge was started among users.


Agency: TBWA Media Arts Lab
Director: Sam Brown
Director of Photography: Maria Jose Secco
Production Company: Imperial Woodpecker
Movement Coach: Megan Lawson
Actress: Kengo Sugino

Visual: YouTube

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