The Citibank Micro Entrepreneur Awards found their owners

Citi Foundation, the Foundation for Women’s Work Since 2007 cooperation in Turkey, the Turkish Foundation for Waste Reduction Consulting and R&D carried out by Citi Micro Entrepreneur Awards, with the support of the owners , it was the tenth time.

The Citibank Micro Entrepreneur Awards, launched by the Citi Foundation in 2001, aim to raise awareness of the microentrepreneur by supporting microentrepreneurs around the world with an award.

The program also creates a microenterprise support network by bringing together microentrepreneurs, microcredit organizations, non-governmental organizations, professional organizations, academics, and opinion leaders.

Citi Foundation, the Foundation to Support Women’s Work Since 2007 cooperation in Turkey, the Turkish Foundation for Waste Reduction and Citibank carried out with the support of ARGE Micro Entrepreneur Awards, having found the tenth time .

Award ceremony; Vice Minister of Commerce Reza Turagay Danube, General Manager of Citibank Turkey Emre Karter, Board Member of the Sengul Akcar Foundation for Women’s Work, President of the Foundation for Wear Prevention of Turkey Prof. Dr. Aziz Akgul with prominent representatives from the business world and with Turkey on the participation of journalists and women entrepreneurs were conducted online.


While nearly 20,000 entrepreneurs have applied for the Citibank Micro Entrepreneur Award program since 2007, more than 300 entrepreneurs have received awards. Approximately 1,500 female entrepreneurs from 56 provinces submitted applications for the 10th Citibank Micro Entrepreneur Awards program.

Citibank Micro Entrepreneur Awards; Micro Entrepreneur of the Year, Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Social Impact, Vision, Innovation, Local Role Model, Financial Success, Personal Struggle, Promising Entrepreneur and Sustainable Business Model and Special Incentive for the 10th year were evaluated in 11 categories. Applications from microentrepreneurs were subjected to a pre-evaluation in three stages by the ARGE Consulting, the Advisory Council and the country team, and the finalists were determined. 55 female entrepreneurs reached the final as a result of applications for the 10th Citibank Micro Entrepreneur Awards.


Rıza Tuna Turagay, Deputy Minister of Commerce of the Republic of Turkey, underlined the importance of micro-entrepreneurship in her speech at the Citibank Micro Entrepreneur Awards ceremony, saying: “Micro-entrepreneurship is very important for us, for our women. Microcredit has a very important participation here. In a way, it is obvious how important successes our women, especially low-income women, have achieved with a little vital water that will be provided to them through the efforts of our families and their efforts.

For this reason, at the Citibank Micro Entrepreneur Awards Ceremony, organized by the Women’s Work Foundation, mainly Citibank and the Turkey Foundation for Waste Reduction, we thank them for their great contribution ”, he said. Drawing attention to the importance of Citibank continuing their awards program for 10 years, Turagay said: “They have been giving women great motivation for 10 years.

This year, 1,500 women entrepreneurs applied. Think of your enthusiasm. Think of our women who came to receive an award. For them, we are a great asset to our Turkey. We have only one wish; Our women and our economy to be more independent in terms of social position and deserved place throughout Turkey can be a model that came with their power and role. Hopefully, we, as a state, will continue to support these initiatives. I heartily congratulate all the women who will or will not receive an award. All of them receive awards in our hearts. We can do better things together, ”he said.

Reminding Turkey that it is not at the desired level of female participation in the work of Turagay, she said: “For us, the level of 34 percent of the level of female participation in the labor force of 68-70 percent in Europe. On the other hand, we are trying to guide our women to export. Although the number of our women employed in our total exports has increased a little, it is still not at the desired levels. We have around 137 thousand employed women. We need to increase this number even more. The proportion of women in the total of employers is around 10 percent. It is necessary to increase this rate. “


Making the opening speech of the X Citibank Micro Entrepreneur Award Ceremony Citibank Turkey General Manager Emre KarterShe said that since 2007 they continue with the “Citibank Micro Entrepreneur Awards” program with KEDV in order to raise awareness about female entrepreneurship and support women entrepreneurs. Karter said: “Once again we witnessed women microentrepreneurs creating miracles with microcredits. Despite the negativities created by the Covid-19 epidemic, we have seen that women microentrepreneurs have made great efforts and have managed to adapt to conditions and develop their businesses, ”she said.

Emre Karter stated that the Citibank Micro Entrepreneur Awards Program raised awareness of the microentrepreneur around the world. Karter emphasized that thanks to the Citibank Micro Entrepreneur Awards Program, micro-entrepreneurship was encouraged and a micro-entrepreneurship support network was created. Sink “carried out in Turkey since 2007, the project found around 20 thousand entrepreneurs in the application, to date, more than 300 entrepreneurs have been awarded the award. As Citibank, we will continue to support the Citibank Micro Entrepreneur Awards program” .


The projects evaluated by the jury, including big names in the business world and journalists, were evaluated in 12 categories. Receiving the highest score awarded by the jury among all the candidates this year, jlime Çekirdek from Sinop was selected as the Micro Entrepreneur of the Year with the initiative “Soilless Agriculture-Strawberry Greenhouses”.

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