The calculation in tomato is mixed: how does it go from 3 TL to 8 TL?

With an important place in the sale of vegetables, the Antalya carpet is the best address to investigate how the price of tomatoes has increased.

The president of the Antalya Wholesale Market Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Brokers Association, Hasan Ali Yılmaz, stated that the brokers are not responsible for the exorbitant prices in the markets, greengrocers and district markets, saying: “The ‘brokers pirates’ unregistered affect the price increase. “

Yılmaz said they were selling tomatoes for 50 kurus or 3 TL.


In opposition to the idea that “the greenhouse reaches 50 kurus, the broker raises the price”, the president of the Association of Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Brokers of the Antalya Wholesale Market, Hasan Ali Yılmaz, said that it is not possible that intervene in prices. Expressing that the prices were determined on the stock exchange, the prices of the products that arrived that day fell suddenly and the least ones suddenly rose, Yılmaz said that in 2020, almost 1 million tons of fresh vegetables and fruits passed through the state wholesaler. Yılmaz pointed out that the products are classified according to their types and are priced accordingly, and said that there are 4 types of tomatoes, 3 types of cucumbers and 2 types of peppers.

Explaining how the tomatoes left Antalya for 50 kurus and saw 10 lira in Istanbul and Ankara, Yılmaz said: “We sell tomatoes for 50 kurus here. Cocktail tomatoes are sold for 4-5 lire, cluster tomatoes for 6.50 lire and pink tomatoes for 7 lire. What kind of tomato is said to sell for 10 lira? This should be well known. Silor cucumbers 7-8 lire but cucumber 4 lire. One is smaller than the other. Due to the gender difference, their prices are half different, “he said.


Claiming that he earned 24 cents on a commission of 8 percent from the tomato, which he sold at 3 lira per kilogram, Hasan Ali Yılmaz said:

“We sell it to the merchant, but when it goes to the counter, it costs between 4 and 5 lira. We certainly do not buy produce from the farmer. We are marketing the product that they bring us. We get commission. The event ‘bought for 1 lira from the manufacturer and sold for 7 lira’ actually comes from here. Here finances control us. But there are unregistered ‘pirate brokers’ who work right away. He haggled and bought it from the manufacturer for 5 lire. You are preparing documents of more than 1 lira. It sells for 7 lire where it goes. If you are caught up in finances, you bill 7 lira on the price you sell. He bought it for 1 lira and sold it for 7 lira. But he wouldn’t actually bill if he hadn’t been caught. “


The merchant Kenan Hasağdaş, who buys products from the market and delivers them to the market, has a different approach to increasing prices. Hasağdaş calculates the loss in the price increase. Hasağdaş said that there are unusable quality products from the product bought from the broker and they have classified them.

Explaining that the unused product has a cost of 10 percent and this is added to the price, Hasağdaş said: “Let’s say we buy it for 3 lira. If this product sells for less than 4.50 lira in Istanbul, along with labor, cost of unused product, cost of packaging and shipping items, you would lose. It became Istanbul for 5 lire. After tax and commission, when it comes to the market shelf, the markup is added there as well. It is actually a natural situation to leave Antalya for 3 lira and come to the Istanbul market shelf for 8 lira. “

Hasağdaş also said that the product sent to Istanbul, with the idea that it will be bought for 3 liras and sold for 5 liras, can be sold for 2 liras.


The president of the Kumluca Agricultural Development Cooperative and tomato producer Mustafa Çetin said: “We continue to produce for our country due to the hot weather. But there is something that bends our waist. Today, the price of tomato in the Kumluca wholesale market It is between 1.80 and 2.20 lire. These tomatoes are in Istanbul. It sells for 10 lire. Who eats the difference? Who makes the difference when we sell tomatoes for less than it costs, who makes the difference? We want them to be examined. No one should eat our rights. No one should bend the waist of the country’s farmer. We invite state officials to duty.


The director of the Kumluca Chamber of Agriculture, Hidayet Kökce, said: “We are profitable no matter how much we sell. Because our greenhouses are full. Because we produce it. Our Almighty Mawla gave us. It was 3 lira, along with transportation, warehouse, expenses that we put in the 1 lira of the tomato going between lira 1 lira should put the merchant there, put the vehicle, 4 lira 1 lira should put a market or a greengrocer, 5 liras. “But when we look at it, tomatoes are sold for 10-15 lire. This saddens us, “he said.


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