The Borda Teknoloji healthcare technology initiative has grown nine times in the last two years in the Romanian market

15 years ago, robots that can work efficiently in the operating room environment thanks to IoT sensors and advanced engineering, performing flawless surgeries or managing these processes remotely with a digital infrastructure defined in the distant future. With the introduction of Internet of Things technology, which has revolutionized the healthcare industry, the scenario described above has become a reality.

50 hospitals use 10 different products

objects in the healthcare sector in Turkey which has 70 percent of the market share in the internet field Borda Technology, Internet of things is in the middle of your business. The company increases operating room efficiency by reducing patient waiting times in the operating room by 32 percent with the products it has developed for operational processes. It also prevents financial loss by preventing accessories from being taken out of the hospital without permission. It does so with 10 products in four different categories (patient, accessory, staff, building).

Two brothers Akin altunbas Y Ahmet Erdem Altunbas Borda Teknoloji, which was founded by the company, started its operations in 2007. Since 2010 it offers special products for the health sector. Istanbul and Izmir in Turkey and abroad with offices in the United States and Russia have more than 80 employees. Products, a total of 20,230,000 beds in 50 hospitals in Turkey that are used as assets. Among them are 7 hospitals in the city, Medical Park Group, Yeditepe Hospital group. This year, they aim to triple this number.

The company managed 621 thousand luminaires in 2020, with solutions that have been developed so far. After 18 thousand patients traveled to the operating room, he worked to increase the efficiency of the operating room, and 18 thousand babies were taken under protection in the hospital.

“We established a joint venture with Swedish Texi”

Akın Altunbaş, founding partner and CEO of the company, says that they are focusing on Europe and the Gulf countries abroad and continues his words as follows: “The focus is very critical. In this way, we have grown nine times in the last two years in the Romanian market. In January of this year, our strengths with the Swedish company Texi. We have established a joint venture that will appeal to combine the Nordic market. The goal of the new company bordatex in the Nordic region “iota Health “to be a leader in the field. With a company with a leading position in the Swedish Nordik market our history of digital transformation in Turkey in the market, we are proud to be in that summer.”

Altunbaş states that after the first shock wave of the epidemic, it was understood how critical it was to run hospitals efficiently, they faced a sharp increase in demand from around the world and adds: “In our opinion, the transformation in the The healthcare sector is not just about the transition from conventional healthcare to digital healthcare. The first step of transformation. “

According to him, true transformation will be possible with the transition from digital health to smart health. At this point, he says that artificial intelligence has a very important job and continues his words as follows: “Because in the future, these systems will act as an assistant that advises hospital administrators beyond a simple mechanism of lighting that conveys the current situation. The increase and the appearance of inefficiencies of the pandemic in the health system, the growth rate in this area will continue to increase. “

On the one hand, the company wants to reach young talents with the “Borda Academy” program. Received 5,000 applications for this program in the last two years. Altunbaş provides the following information on the details of the program: “More than 50 percent of the people who are accepted to undertake an internship with this program start working part-time and full-time at Borda. Our applications started from this week We are looking forward to our excited friends who want to shape the future of the Internet of Things industry. “

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