The BluTV valuation was announced during the tour where Discovery was a partner.

Discovery’s native online video platform BluTVwe have 35 percent of the company’s shareholders last January. we transfer. No information was shared about the financial details of the deal in question. With the information shared in the Commercial Registry Gazette, both Discoveryby BluTV 35 percent participation They have emerged how much he paid and the valuation of the company.

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How much is BluTV’s corporate valuation?

Gazette of the Commercial RegistryAccording to the information contained in Discovery, BluTV’s $ 20 million for a 35 percent stake paid. Another important piece of information that emerged was related to the valuation of the company, as mentioned above. According to shared information The valuation of BluTV is 57 million dollars, (400 million TL) levels.

Two new names for the board of directors

According to the disclosed information, with the agreement made, two Discovery names also joined the BluTV board of directors. According to the information in the Mercantile Registry Bulletin Roanne Lea Weekes Y James Richard Cooke He joined the BluTV board of directors.

To remind him, Twozero Ventures also relayed to him that they invested in BluTV together with Discovery. Although the financial details regarding the investment amount are not shared, let us remind you that Twozero Ventures owns 2.77 percent of BluTV with the deal. In short, BluTV, together with the investments, 37.77 percent he has sold his share. Time will tell what steps BluTV will take in the future, which wants to produce more original content with the investments it has made.

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