The bike taxi initiative, Kangaroo, started operations in Izmir

With his yellow electric bikes, the KangarooHe began serving in Karşıyaka and Bostanlı. Kangaroo, which is now an early-stage initiative, has come up with great vision in the field of micro mobility with the shortcomings it aims to complete.

Kangaroo Instagram page There are different usage scenarios that you can see. It is possible to use Kangaroo as a taxi and get on and off. With Kangaroo, you can reach short distances without any problem and travel outdoors. However, there is no problem in taking your pets with you. The initiative also highlights that it is friendly to animals. Apart from that, it also targets disabled or elderly users who cannot benefit from electric scooter service who may face competition from Kangaroo. Two people can ride the Kangaroo electric bikes.

Another feature of Kangaroo is that it really works with drivers and creates some employment. Drivers also make money from this business. On the price side of the kangaroo Opening price of 3 TL determined as. So the distance is independent 80 cents per minute You are charged as. Within the Kangaroo service area, it is possible to go to any address you want in Karşıyaka – Bostanlı and we can think that the time it will take is 10-15 minutes at most. This indicates how much you can spend per passenger on average. The initiative operates between 08:00 in the morning and 21:00 at night.

A former advertiser Hazal Yildirim for now, the initiative established in Izmir, only serves around Karşıyaka and Bostanlı. The initiative, which now promises to be at your doorstep in an average of 10 minutes, wants to design its own micro-mobility vehicles in the near future and continue with them. However, the current goal is to rapidly increase the number of electric bikes and rapidly increase the visibility of Kangaroo vehicles.

Kangaroo is also conducting investment negotiations and there is a search for investors. In the roadmap of the initiative, it is necessary to get the mobile application as soon as possible and prepare the payment infrastructure. Based on the information we have received, it will soon be possible to call Kangaroos via the mobile app. The initiative plans to use the incoming investment to increase the number of electric bicycles, expand the service area and complete investments in mobile applications.

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