The best news of the day: monthly unemployment data and change from TURKSTAT

Among the statistics he announced, especially the unemployment, inflation and growth data, the change of president carried out in TURKSTAT and the Advisory Council formed with members of the academy began to give the first positive results.

According to the Bloomberg report, as part of a broader effort to restore investor confidence, TurkStat will begin publishing monthly unemployment data starting in March. The method of calculating the number of unemployed will also change, according to people with direct knowledge of the subject.

Under the current model, the unemployed figures include data for the months before and after the month reported each month. The state statistics agency TURKSTAT will release the new series on March 10, when it will release unemployment figures for January, and will also release monthly data through 2014.

According to the information received, in accordance with the recommendations of the International Labor Organization, those who resign will be excluded from the unemployment statistics, even if they have not worked for more than three months. Other changes being considered include the inclusion of the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in the headlines. TurkStat confirmed that a review of labor force data will take place in March in accordance with ILO standards.

The renewal took place after the appointment of the experienced official Ahmet Kursad Dosdoğru as president of TURKSTAT in order to increase confidence in important economic data.

He directly led the establishment of advisory boards at the statistics agency to draw on the experience of academics, economists, and nongovernmental organizations on inflation and unemployment.

Dosdoğru’s appointment coincides with the Elvan-Ağbal period to correct the major mistakes made in economic management in his post-Albayrak-Uslu period.

We hope that all the data announced during the term of the new president will be “simple” like the surname of the new president of TURKSTAT.

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