TEKEL distributors are also in the squares! – For analysis

Their reactions to the restriction decisions of monopoly traders continue. Limitation of working hours on weekdays, monopoly operators and employees who declared that they are closed for half a day on Saturdays and Sundays, are in your hands’ Don’t touch my monopoly, take it with one hand ‘,’ We will resist instead to beg “,” Chain markets must close at 18:00 “, made a press release in Bakırköy Freedom Square with banners.

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Turkey Tobacco Shop Platform (TTBP), the abolition of restrictions, the reorganization of working hours and the supermarket chain for the abolition of privileges, Bakirkoy rally in Freedom Square.

Monopoly merchant traders carrying banners saying ‘Don’t touch my monopoly: with one hand’, ‘We will not resist begging’, ‘Chain markets must close at 18:00’, said that especially chain markets carried them to the point of ending and could not compete due to restrictions.


Claiming that the 1000 TL subsidy and the 750 TL rental subsidy are insufficient, the workers said in the press release:

* The treatment of stepchildren for the beverage industry continues persistently. Restaurants, bars and drinking cafes have closed their doors and have been needing good news from the government with their workers all this time.

* Factories work 3 shifts and there is no pandemic when workers are eating in cafeterias, even with the HES code, when buses are on rushed trips, it is an uneven and unprincipled attitude towards companies taking precautions and entertaining people. customers with the HES Code.


The workers who said: “Attention, we are unemployed, we cannot take the bread home,” continued their statements as follows:

* Monopoly dealers are punished by closing at 20:00 and closing on weekends, although all preceding shopping venues close at 21:00! Yes, we say punishment, this double standard on behalf of Because there is no example or explanation of this situation. There are places of 20-30 square meters and places with a capacity that cannot accommodate more than 2 people.

* Despite taking all kinds of precautions, they are among the most pressured companies under the excuse of the pandemic. After all, sealed packaged goods and alcohol are sold. Was it more at risk of contamination than opening ceremonies with political shows? These are our barns, our livelihood.

* We are aware that, like Europe, we cannot say give the money to stay at home. Come, we say, let’s open our businesses and operate without pressure, properly and taking common precautions.


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