TBB: Refereeing Committee won 71 percent of citizen complaints

TURKEY BANKS ASSOCIATION – BAT announced that the results of individual clients refer to the JURY. According to this; 71% of credit card complaints; While 29% of consumer loan complaints, 83% of insurance complaints, and 97% of complaints about other banking products and services, on average, 71% of complaints ended in favor of the customer; The measures taken are not enough for banks that deal with such high levels of clients in an irregular way; The need has also emerged to include additional sanctions on the agenda.

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Because these are the results of 57,687 customers who voiced their complaints in 2020, while millions of similar transactions are in question, BRSA and TBB should bring the option of collective returns to the agenda. Taking only the conclusion of the reported complaints as precedent and not closing the similar irregular transactions shows the greatest deficiency of the audits and does not have a sufficient deterrent effect on banks. Because the number of complaints reflected to TBB in the first three months of 2021 was 12,652, only 52% of them were concluded in favor of the client.

Most of the complaints were about credit cards.

The majority of citizen complaints to TBB were about credit cards. While 48 out of 100 complaints are related to credit cards; Deposit transactions ranked second. The main complaints about deposits were that banks distorted time deposits and left all or part of demand deposit accounts without customer information, and misled the customer by not reflecting interest rates on the accounts. It has been observed that some banks persistently continue to make the same mistakes on the subject of deposit deposits, which has become traditional especially on Fridays.

Complaints doubled in 2020

When complaints about e-government began on December 1, 2016, complaints and claims about banks increased rapidly and doubled in 2020 compared to a year ago. While 28,337 complaints were submitted to TBB in 2019; In 2020, the number of applications doubled to 57,637.

How is the work flow?

By posting the WORKFLOW chart to the Refereeing Committee, TBB also made a diagram of how complaints are processed. Citizen request to the Bank of Complaints and Claims; If the bank negatively concludes the request, it is enough to submit a request to the TBB Arbitration Committee and start the process.


After this stage, the TBB Arbitration Committee requests the defense of the bank and concludes the matter of the complaint positively or negatively. The high rate of positive results of 71% of applications in 2020 reveals the need to reflect more dissuasive sanctions for banks, as well as to make citizens more sensitive to unfair fees and commissions, such as expenses and insurance transactions . Because, in similar incidents, the amount unfairly received in millions of transactions that do not apply and seek their right is left to the banks. In such transactions, there is a penalty application in the EU and US countries, which extends to the CEO of the bank.

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