Takeaway from the local market with Pika

Founded in 2017, Bizero Robotics is an initiative based on shared vehicles and intelligent transport systems. The company’s first product, the semi-autonomous delivery robot Pika (Shared Unmanned Cargo Vehicle), was introduced last July. Pika, which emerged as the result of an 8-month preliminary study, made its first installment last month at Boğaziçi University. it happened. Bizero Robotics, which develops autonomous delivery robots, is a marketplace application that offers the opportunity to order from neighborhood markets to homes. From the market He started the test deliveries by making the first delivery in the city with the cooperation he did.

Autonomous delivery to neighborhood market users

Bizero Robotics and the Pazardan company, the order placed on the Rumeli Hisarüstü market is delivered to the delivery address in Etiler. The merchant loads the ordered product into Pika and is on its way to be delivered to the address. When Pika approaches the indicated address, the information is sent to the buyer through the Marketplace application. Autonomous When the delivery vehicle arrives, you receive the order.

Mehmet Akıncılar, founding partner of Bizero Robotics, which carried out the first operation in the city after the delivery of orders on campus with the market application, emphasizes that they meet the requirements of secure and contactless delivery that have become in part of life.


Pazardan App Offers a Digital Neighborhood Market Experience

The Pazardan application, which began to serve in the first days of 2021 and aims to bring products from neighborhood markets to users in a contactless and secure way, aims to be a technology company that provides a digital neighborhood market experience. In practice, there are currently 11 deliveries to districts such as Beşiktaş, Şişli, Etiler, Levent, Arnavutköy, Maslak, Sarıyer. Street market and bank.

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