Take Vagner Illustrations inspired by music, Japanese rubber paper and Bigumigu toys

In recent years, we have discovered many original illustrators who draw on interactive horizontal-vertical squares, blocks or panels. By María Medem meditation scenesBy Evan M. Cohen philosophical stories and Ori Toor improvised compositions It was one of these remarkable studies. Toma Vagner’s illustrations deserve to be among these unforgettable ones.

Inspired by IKEA guides, Soviet constructivism and different aesthetic sources such as Japanese rubber papers and vintage toys, Toma Vagner; You can observe the effects of the 80s and 90s in his work. Born and raised in Russia, the artist currently lives in New York.

Drawing career that began in childhood.

Take Vagner; He operates for brands like The New York Times, Bloomberg, Wired Italy, Lush, Red Bull, The Atlantic, Premier Guitar, and Bandcamp, as well as musicians like Harry Styles, Birds in the Boneyard, Tory Silver, and Santino. It was one of the most important turning points in his drawing career, especially for Harry Styles. Harry Styles’ creative director contacted Vagner by email when he saw the Rubik’s cube drawing from the Toys series. They wanted to use this concept as an animated backdrop for the singer’s world tour. Seeing an animated version of my drawing on the big screen at Madison Square Garden has been one of the most surreal experiences of my life as an artist. After getting this break, he prepared album covers for many musicians and bands. Thanks to his passion for music, especially his interest in the guitar, he also did a great job with music editorial requests.

In fact, Toma Vagner’s career as an illustrator started very early. At the age of 11, he began creating his own illustrations, articles, and short comics for the local children’s newspaper Treasure Island. He even received a small fee for this at the time.

Toma Vagner draws based on traditional techniques. Start the drawings with a simple pen. Add colors digitally or analog depending on the direction your drawing is going. Use tools and materials like acrylic paint, gouache, pencil, textured paper, and Photoshop.

The work of Toma Vagner Website, Behance Profile Y Instagram you can follow.

Visual: Instagram

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