Swiss plant-based alternative meat producer Planted receives $ 18 million investment

“Meatless meat” or, in other words, “plant-based meat” has recently started to gain a solid place in the business ecosystem. In addition to the more well-known examples like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, we come across many alternative meat initiatives almost every day. Planted is one of these initiatives.

Planted based in Switzerland, ETH Zurichis an extension of. The company can create pork and chicken with sunflower oil, pea fiber, pea protein, and water. Planted Herbal Chickens can be used in dishes and recipes just like traditional chicken. He planted that his product reduces the negative effects of animal husbandry in the world; It says it offers sustainable, healthy and nutritious products to a growing population. Planted, which launched in 2019, currently operates in more than 3,000 points of sale in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

If planted is now Vorwerk Ventures Y Blue horizon ventures on investment tour led by 17 million Swiss francs, or about 18 million dollars of investment I took. Swiss footballer Yann Sommer also participated in the tour. Planted announced that it will use the investment it received to improve both its technology and its products. The company aims to serve in Europe first and then abroad, after neighboring countries. Investing in structuring and fermentation platforms is also among Planted’s goals.

The alternative meat market has recently been significantly revived. For example; Singapore-based plant-based alternative meat producer Next Gen received a $ 10 million investment late last month. Similarly, Climax Foods, which aims to produce plant-based alternatives to animal-based foods such as cheese and meat, received an investment of $ 7.5 million in the last quarter of last year.

The alternative meat sector continues to attract attention not only with investments but also with its collaborations. One of the latest examples of this was the Beyond Meat and PepsiCo partnership called PLANeT Partnership for plant-based snacks and beverages. To sum up; The alternative market for plant-based meat is growing every day, attracting the attention of investors. It is safe to say that we will encounter many more initiatives in this field in the future.

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