Survey revealed working conditions at Goldman Sachs: 95 hours per week

The employee satisfaction survey conducted by US investment bank Goldman Sachs revealed that analysts who are in their first year with the company are “concerned about their mental health” and work 95 hours a week. Young analysts described the working conditions as “inhumane”.

A workplace survey at world-renowned investment bank Goldman Sachs revealed the heavy workload of analysts in their first year.

In the study, junior analysts in the lower ranks during their first year on the job said they worked more than 95 hours a week on average and only slept 5 hours a day.

In the study, which included 13 analysts, the majority of the analysts claimed that their psychological state had deteriorated significantly since they started working.

The results of an internal survey conducted by Goldman Sachs were shared in an 11-page presentation.

The young analysts, who did not give their names, said their physical and mental health was affected by the situation. One of the anonymous statements included the statements: “At some point I realized that I did not eat, did not shower and did nothing but work during the day.” Another analyst said: “I am working at a rate of ‘hard work, it is inhuman, abuse.”

Employees said that if conditions don’t improve, they can quit in 6 months. Analysts demanded that his weekly workday be reduced to 80.

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