Support for tourism in Japan with free Bigumigu pictograms

Graphic designer Kenya Hara and hers Nippon Design CenterSupport tourism in Japan from a visual design perspective. For this purpose Experience the pictograms of Japan They started a project called and there are currently more than 250 pictograms on the site prepared for the project. These pictograms, in which Japanese and universal culture are side by side, are available on the Internet for free for everyone to use.

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Over 250 Japanese pictograms in line with universal design values

Directed by Creative Director Daigo Daikoku Experience the pictograms of JapanIt is a new set of visual symbols developed for people of all cultures and ages to enhance the tourist experience in Japan. They can be used for any purpose, including commercial ones. Whether you’re running a restaurant, creating a mobile app, or creating a manual, you can take advantage of these pictograms.

Experience the pictograms of Japan

It is possible to filter or carry out free searches according to nature, culture, gastronomy, etc. themes of the set, which is made according to universal design values. If you cannot find a pictogram according to the theme you are looking for, please contact the project owners to make a request or to include your own designs on the site. You can contact. There are also animated pictograms on the site. You can also change the colors of the glyphs as you like.


Japan, which has grown in tourism for years, saw a more than 95% decline with the pandemic. Experience Japan Pictograms is a step taken to reactivate the country’s tourism, especially in the near future when travel restrictions will be lifted. This project was carried out by the Izmir Foundation within the framework of Izmir branding last year. Izmir Fountain‘Remember me. This font was also made to increase the recognition of the city on a global scale.





Picture: Experience the pictograms of Japan

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