Sunday discussion for shopping malls

In Turkish retail, the “Sunday” debate was reignited. Merchants, artisans and small businesses took steps to include the clause in the new draft of the retail law that states that shopping centers and chain stores remain closed on Sundays.

This demand, which had already been expressed previously, was brought back to the agenda due to the weekend restriction imposed on shopping malls during the pandemic period.

According to the news of the Milliyet newspaper, Hanife Baş, the amended “Legislation on the regulation of retail trade” is expected to be submitted to Parliament next week. All parts of the retail sector are consulted for the bill.


The president of Turkey’s Confederation of Traders and Craftsmen (TESK), Bendevi Palandöken, merchants in the new bill, said they wanted to make regulations to protect artisans and small businesses. Palandöken said: “In most European countries, shopping malls and chain stores close on Saturday afternoons and remain closed until Monday. We want this model to be implemented, which we have brought to the agenda before. Otherwise, small businesses have no chance of surviving. In the new bill, we want the rule that not only shopping centers but also chain stores must close on Sundays. “

Stating that the views of all parties for the bill have been received and that it is expected to be sent to Parliament and for the president’s signature next week, Palandöken said: “We are working so that this article is in the draft bill. law. All cuts work. There are 2 million 250 thousand jobs in Turkey. SMEs also want this decision to be made. Everyone complains about shopping malls and chain stores. All the chains also sell everything. Not everyone should sell everything. It causes unfair competition. Price and market dominance is in your hands. People from the pandemic period also got used to shopping malls being closed on weekends. The employees of the shopping centers also rest on Sundays, ”he said.


The president of the Turkish Retail Federation (TPF), Omar Lisa, expressed in the department’s shopping center sector that they received the request for information to remain closed on Sunday, “It is not easy to close the shopping center during this period. Especially in a period affected by the pandemic. A decision can only be made to close the food retail trade on Sunday. We were also asked for an opinion. We expressed our opinion, “he said.


Hüseyin Altaş, president of the Association of Shopping Centers and Investors (AYD), emphasized that such a decision meant closing the doors of shopping centers and expressed the following views: “Currently, shopping centers are experiencing a loss of 40 percent due to the weekend restriction. Also, if they remain closed on the Sunday after the pandemic, shopping malls will never be able to recover. Such a system has existed in Europe for years, but the investor is investing accordingly. The investment in Turkey was made according to the existing order. Investors find it difficult to make such a decision. In addition, such a decision will result in loss of employment. They are all down the path of downsizing. In addition, European countries with this practice are preparing to take a step back. “

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