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Berat Albayrak’s lawyer, İsa Sinan Göktaş, stated the following in his statements:

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“It was deemed necessary to make this statement in response to the horrific smear and defamation efforts on Mr. Berat Albayrak on the written, visual and social media channels recently initiated by the main opposition party;

The transactions related to the Central Bank reserves were carried out in accordance with the needs of the balance of payments in line with the objectives of financial stability and price stability in accordance with current legislation.

There is no possibility that Central Bank resources in any amount of foreign currency or TL will be transferred to a different location, disappear, or turn to steam. Plus, every penny of the money flow can be tracked and tracked.

Despite these facts that are clearly known to all; With the perception operation that some circles intend to carry out, among them the main opposition party, the client, Mr. Unfounded statements were made to attack the personal rights of Berat Albayrak.

During his tenure in the public sector, Mr. Berat Albayrak; It is seen that those who try to make them objects of hatred through lies and slander, tactics and perception operations followed by terrorist organizations have again incurred the same trick.

Mister. Albayrak has always supported the people, artisans, farmers, artisans and industrialists of this country in every step it took during its functions as the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, as well as the Ministry of Finance and Finance.

Despite attacks by terrorist organizations, international pressure, global crises and historical challenges such as the COVID pandemic, Mr. The measures taken during Berat Albayrak’s tenure have paid off with the historic discovery of gas in the Black Sea, the fall in interest rates despite the pandemic, the strong support given to merchants and industrialists and record growth figures that surprised all international authorities. It will give even more in the near future.

With their boron factories, factories producing sustainable energy systems (wind and solar energy), drillships that changed the game in the eastern Mediterranean, etc., the main opposition is grateful to have provided services that they could not imagine. throughout the history of this nation.

Those who attacked yesterday with mail operations and photomontage perception studies are the same authorities that carry out similar operations today.

It is not possible that these authorities and structures, which have given their will to terrorist organizations such as FETO, PKK and DHKP-C, are valid in the future of this country as in its history.

The main opposition, who played three monkeys against the rape scandals that took place within them and lost their moral legitimacy when their support for terrorism was manifested, seems to have chosen Mr. Albayrak as an object of hatred with all their agents of influence .

By not putting his national and domestic stance in words, he clearly demonstrates every step he takes during his tenure, in every policy. It is clear who has what expectations of these attacks against Berat Albayrak.

The targets of those who appear on the channels of the baby-killing terrorists, those who link arms with their political extensions, those who fulfill the same ambitions with these anti-national and enemy-state structures, are clear. Mister. By attacking Berat Albayrak, they are trying to change the agenda and hide their position as a supporter of terrorism.

As we went through the most important days of the fight against terrorism, those who want to let terrorist organizations breathe and stretch their arms, try to cover up their inconsistencies and hide their failures, and the first thing that is taken into account is Mr. He has come to attack Berat Albayrak.

Our nation’s intuition clearly analyzes all these games and all these despicable attempts.

Lies that no party minister in the history of the Republic of Turkey During his tenure, the lord exposed to slander and indecent attacks. Berat Albayrak has been spending time at home with his wife and children, as in a normal Turkish family since the day he left his job.

These baseless and criminal implications are made by Mr. There is no doubt when there are statements about Albayrak’s reputation and the assault on his personal rights.

We will take all kinds of legal recourse against these statements and attacks.

The amount of compensation to be obtained from the 500,000 TL case to be presented will be donated to the families of our heroes who were martyred in the fight against the treacherous PKK terrorist organization.

It is submitted to the public with respect. ”

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