Startupfon officially announced its first $ 10 million fund

Be a fund to invest jointly with angel investors Home phoneWe shared the details of Turkey’s first fund in our previous news. Gülsüm ÇıracıHe told us that the final size would be $ 10 million and that around 50 startups planned to become seed investors. Startupfon has officially announced its first $ 10 million fund.

1200 potential investors from 40 different cities

Startupfon aims to be a gateway for investors new to the ecosystem. Until today on 1200 potential investors from 40 different cities registered in the system. 76 percent of these investors are investors with no prior investment experience.

The fund’s founding partner, Gülsüm Çıracı, said they will focus on investors’ biggest problems and manage processes such as access to investment opportunities, entrepreneur evaluation, valuation, negotiation of investment conditions and portfolio management. Located outside of Turkey and abroad, stating that they will invest in early stage companies with the Turkish founder of partners Çıracı, along with the funds coming They plan to invest around 50 startups in 5 years. He said. He added that they pay attention to the characteristics of the technology startups in which they will invest, such as having innovative, sustainable technologies and the potential to export technology to international markets.

Çıracı underlined that his aim is to contribute to early stage startups with growth potential in international networks, business development, team building, crisis management and help these companies to create new employment areas and transform them into technology exporting companies.

Emphasizing that one of the most important values ​​that Startupfon offers to the ecosystem is the opportunity to make joint investments with the fund, Gülsüm Çıracı said:

We recommend investors to invest a part of the total budget they allocate to invest in this ecosystem in Startupfon and the rest for joint investments with the fund. Thus, investors have the opportunity to manage their own portfolio by investing with funds in ventures that they like or find suitable for their own strategy, minimizing their risks by distributing part of their investments among approximately 50 startups.

Furthermore, we aim to match investors who say they can dedicate time and initiatives that may be appropriate according to their sectors / interests for mentoring purposes, thus further strengthening the bond between investors and entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are mostly young, passionate, enthusiastic and focused on their business. Our investors are entrepreneurs with experience in different sectors. By combining these two profiles with the right mechanism and balance, Startupfon ensures that entrepreneurs benefit from the knowledge and experience of their investors through this cooperation; Investors, on the other hand, will allow them to learn more about the world of entrepreneurship and learn about the dynamics and adventure of the company.

In this context, Startupfon aims to be the first investor of entrepreneurs and Look for investment tours in the $ 150-300,000 range.. Startupfon’s joint investment strategy is that the investment volume to be created with the fund is expected to be around $ 16 million.

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