Start of the third reactor in Akkuyu (opening ceremony tomorrow)

Turkey will be the first nuclear power plant at the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (CN) based on the third power unit to be scrapped tomorrow. The first unit of the power plant is scheduled to come online in 2023 and the other 3 units by the end of 2026 with an interval of one year.

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Located in the largest investment in TurkeyAkkuyu NGS‘what’s more the opening ceremony of the third unitPresident Recep Tayyip Erdogan and President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin will participate via video conference.

The Turkish-Russian base in the region linked to the Buyukeceli Gulnar district of Mersin, under an agreement reached in May 2010, the ongoing construction of the first unit of the plant was placed on April 3, 2018.

In November, the construction license for the third unit was obtained, and the countdown began for the inauguration ceremony in the field, where the works picked up speed with the foundation of the second unit in April of last year.

Each 1,200 megawatt reactor 4 will consist of a total of 4,800 megawatts installed and the Republic of Turkey in the first unit of the plant is expected to have the power to celebrate the 100th anniversary in 2023 is expected to come into operation. The remaining 3 units are scheduled to be operational with an interval of one year until the end of 2026.


In the project where the main licenses and permits were completed, the application for the construction license of the fourth unit was made in May last year. The construction license for the fourth unit, the last unit, is expected to be obtained this year.

At the Akkuyu nuclear power plant, whose employment rate varies according to the project phases, it is expected to employ approximately 15 thousand people during the peak construction period and 4 thousand during the operation period.

The plant, which can produce uninterrupted electricity with zero emissions and without emitting harmful greenhouse gases into the environment, has the opportunity to extend the operational life of the plant, which is planned for 60 years, for another 20 years.

When the plant’s total capacity produces around 35 billion kWh of electricity annually, it is expected to cover 10 percent of Turkey’s electricity demand.


The Director of the Institute of Nuclear Sciences of the University of Ankara, Prof. Dr. Niyazi MericHe said the average time between planning a nuclear power plant and its establishment is 10 years.

Specifying that this period is an average of 4 years of construction period, Meriç said: “The fact that the construction of the third unit begins tomorrow shows that the project continues according to plan.”

Akkuyu NGS started this process with Turkey and drawing attention to the achievements in nuclear science will provide Meric technology, said:

“The 70 years of Nuclear, the use of advanced countries in the world and the development of technology of different sizes continuously. It is necessary to find a way if you want to have this technology. There is a need for human resources to develop a technology. Turkey, since the 1950s abroad to create human resources sent doctoral students.

Many of these students were doing their PhDs in many different areas because it is not such a technology in Turkey. The completion of the construction of the technology and scientific company of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant in Turkey will be motivated to work in this area. “

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