Start of Express Data Labeling Service: Ango AI

Ango AI, offering an expressly labeled data platform to global AI teams with its AI-backed software platform and skilled workforce, was in October 2020 Gokalp Urul Y Gokhan Urul was found by. Have a team of 7 people responsible for sales, engineering and operations. Ango AIhas a tagging staff of more than 20 people.

Ango AI, the first version of which was developed in about 3 months, in the next month artificial intelligence It also aims to add features. Using the Ango AI platform tagers picture, video, text Y sound data sets extracting the meanings it contains and converting them into formats that computers can learn.

Services offered by the initiative include visual tagging, video tagging, text tagging and voice tagging. Developed data safety Y speed packages This ensures that customers can easily access the tagged data they need.

Per month right now through the Ango AI platform 500 More than a thousand a lot of labelled Let’s add that the process is done with a 20-person labeler operation. Working with clients developing applications in the fields of autonomous vehicles, natural language processing and computer vision in the first 5 months, Ango AI provides services abroad. Scale AI, Cloudfactory, Game Y Samasource have competitors like.

Ango AI organizes a large amount of qualified human intelligence in the geography of the Middle East and Central Asia with the focus of tagging operations and with artificial intelligence algorithms. Express data taggingIn other words, your goal is to stay one step ahead of your competitors with next-day and next-week delivery options.

Ango AI is positioned as a platform that connects companies that need tagged data and a large number of people it supports with tagging tools. Companies on this platform a tag charge being done. Part of this fee is passed on to the people who do the labeling, while the rest goes to the Ango platform. Ango AI QNBEYONDIt was one of 8 initiatives selected for Turkey’s third term. let’s add.

Ango AI, which will start sales activities in Europe and the US in 2021, Londonwill open an office in In the next year, we will increase the monthly labeling capacity on the platform. Increase from 500 thousand to 100 million With the goal of the initiative, the initiative will achieve this goal with the support of artificial intelligence algorithms and the integration of more than 1000 qualified human intelligence on the platform.

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