Spot takes care of himself

Boston Dynamics‘ robot dog Spot, which sold a large percentage of the company to Hyundai last December, can be used for commercial purposes. Marc Raibert announced at the Web Summit that 350 of the Spot robots that have been on sale since mid-2020 are being used by businesses.

The Spot robot dog with new functions

Boston Dynamics, which aims to increase the functionality of Spots, which are especially useful on construction sites and in areas where it will be dangerous for people to enter, announced the innovations coming to Spot. The robot dog is now much more functional and self-sufficient. Among the innovations are the Spot Arm, a robotic arm called the Spot Arm, which will help Spot lift, grasp, move, place and drag items, scanner-based Scout software, and the Spot Cam with thermal imaging capability.

Adding a sleeve is the first step. Most importantly, the arm can be functionally used by the robot. We first saw the prototype arm added to the Spot in 2016 at the first-generation Spots. In the video posted in 2018, Spot with an attached arm opened the doors and helped his armless friend. As seen in the new video, the robot’s legs and body work closely with the arm while dragging, lifting, or moving the object. Still, the new arms are not that strong. The stain keeps dragging the concrete block instead of lifting it.

Scout browser-based software allows remote control of spots. However, Boston Dynamics reports that it is not yet working integrated with the robotic arm. Once this integration is complete, it will be possible to control the robot dog from hundreds of kilometers away and use its arm in difficult work areas.

Existing Spots can run for 90 minutes on a single battery, as mentioned in the Web Summit session. However, the company, which has taken steps in this direction, is working on a system where robots can be completely self-sufficient. Points that approach the charging stations with reference codes, such as the QR code, contact the charging port of the cradle and can be charged automatically.


Robot dog points sell for around $ 75,000 each. So it is not yet available to everyone. Only large companies include Spots in their companies when they are sure they can be effective. With the Scout and Spot Arm add-ons, the current price of the Spot has yet to be announced. However, as you can see in the videos, the variety of what you can do will also be reflected in their prices.

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